A Brief History of Geekanerd

Geekanerd originated as a group of friends in the Albany, Oregon area who shared a passion for PC Gaming. As our friendships grew and expanded we began to coordinate LAN parties in one anothers' basements, garages, and even back patios. As the demand grew, Geekanerd stepped in to supply a professionally organized event.

Our First LAN

The first official Geekanerd LAN Party was held in an upstairs conference room at the Two Rivers Market shopping mall in downtown Albany in 2003. It was Geekanerd's largest LAN to date, with 24 attendees. The next LAN Party was hosted at the Pheonix Inn near I5 in Albany.


Braden Beer, the organizer of Geekanerd's LAN events volunteered to serve as a missionary for his church and as a result no LAN parties were hosted in 2007-2008.

Back In Action

With the return of the event organizer, Geekanerd has hosted several PC and Xbox parties throughout 2009-2010, and plans to continue to increase the number of events, and the quality of those events. Game Release LAN Parties, tournament based LAN Parties with prizes, and casual parties are all being planned for future events. We hope you'll join us and enjoy the fun!

-Braden Beer