Web Standards uses the HTML 5 standards as well as CSS 2.1. Two lines of CSS 3 are included, for shadows below header items. These were chosen because not everyone is awesome enough to use the latest browsers. So we do what we can to accomodate noobs.


To make my site more user friendly, I've incorporated common elements across all pages. The consistent colors and page formatting keeps the look consistent. The giant links up in the navigation bar respond to mouse hovering, to let the user know they're about to navigate away from their current page. The logo elements at the top of the page remain the constant throughout all the pages on the site. The bottom of the page wraps up each page visually, and offers useful links for navigation. There are custom background images that float to the top right of the body content on most pages. This helps keep each page looking fresh and full of content. I do realize that the images can make it difficult to read the overlapping text, and am working on a solution to fix this.


I've added tags to many of my links, relevant to each, to ensure that search terms are effectively returning the appropriate pages.


I profit from the LAN parties that I host, and therefore, this site containing relevant information to the physical events will increase attendance and profits. The goal is to continue to expand the usability and relevance of the current pages, and continue to announce events through the site, and use Facebook and other social media to send potential attendees to my site.