Site Plan


The purpose of my site is to give information relating to LAN parties hosted by myself under the Geekanerd banner. To plan events in advance, advertise for them, offer information relevant to those that will attend, and sell items they may need to obtain prior to attending.


My main audience is those that plan to attend LAN parties in the Albany, Oregon area.
My secondary audience is anyone interested in hosting/attending LAN parties of their own.
Specific characteristics of my audience include:

What makes my site unique

There are not many LAN centers, or well advertised LAN parties local to Albany, OR. This will facilitate the unserved community of gamers.

Site Basics

The site will include updates of upcoming events, along with information, videos and images of past events. Pricing, a list of what is necessary to attend, and information regarding activities at each specific event will be used to advertise and increase attendance at the LAN parties.

Domain Name

I selected, because I've hosted LAN parties in the past under this name, and it is reflective of the audience I serve. It also is just all around silly.

Some of my Favorite Sites - News about anything, well designed, many good features. The concept of allowing users to generate and manipulate what appears on the front page as news is brilliant. - Great selection and organization of products. Everything is easy to find, and the information is catered to the audience (techy and nerdy). - Excellent design. The flow of elements and the colors all work together to make a beautiful experience that reflects the quality of the games they sell.

Sample Content

Home Page - Will welcome new users by giving a brief description of who we are and what we do, and will suggest where to navigate for further information.
Events Page - Will serve as the main reference point for all past and future LAN party events. These will probably be organized chronologically, with a divider to seperate past from future.
Forum Page - Will contain forum software to facilitate discussions between a growing community of local gamers.
About Page - Will contain information about how the LAN parties are organized and hosted. Will also contain information for those interested in attending, like what to bring, and how to prepare properly, perhaps also some documentation relevant to parents of attendees.

Legal Page

Will contain a copyright policy and a privacy policy.

Folder List

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